Clear Solutions Come From Clear Objectives

Clear Solutions Come From Clear Objectives

All too often, we get clients who approach us with a very clear agenda of what they want us to do. Problem is— in many cases, they’re coming from a place of believing it’s the right path and not actually knowing. We believe it’s impossible to solve a problem, without first fully understanding it.

Our Output Requires Input

We begin each project with the most powerful design tool of all: our ears. We listen. We ask questions. We research. We do our sincere best to get inside of your product or service and understand every moving piece. Only then do we feel confident in suggestion a solution to a problem.

Good Solutions Aren’t Always Good Business

Ethics are a very important part of our culture. We have literally turned down work because it became clear that the requested solution was ultimately not in our clients’ best interests. While we will always defer to the client to make the final decision, we pride ourselves on being as honest and forthcoming as we can to anyone who walks through our doors. You wouldn’t want a doctor performing a surgery you ultimately didn’t need. We see it as very much in the same light.

We Help Produce Solutions not Designs

As much as we like great design and making pretty things on a computer screen, clients come to us to achieve a goal. To produce a behavior. To elicit a result. If what we offer can help with that, we’re eager and excited to help. But we won’t take a client’s money unless we absolutely think it’s in their best interest. Ethics count to us. A lot.